Montefiore Creates Data Analytics Platform to Advance Patient Care

To optimize healthcare based on advanced data analytics and make sure clinicians have the right information available in time to impact patient outcomes, Montefiore has deployed Semantic Data Lake, a solution that brings together varied and vast amounts of raw data for deeper analysis to flag patients who are at risk or help clinicians identify optimal treatment plans. Drawing on extensive experience in patient care and medical research, this innovative solution enables relevant data to directly inform and impact patient care.

    The platform integrates both structured and unstructured data ranging from basic science, clinician records, and population demographics to community, environmental, behavioural, and wellness research data. By assessing a holistic and realistic profile of patients—along with relevant science, clinical population histories, drug information, and medical imaging—Semantic Data Lake has the capability to improve care, identify at-risk patients, and personalize medicine, while reducing error and inefficiency.

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