Move-With-the-Sun or Move-With-the-Moon?

Provided by: Telekom Indonesia
Topic: Cloud
Format: PDF
The virtualization of resources and networks introduces a decoupling of services from the constraints of the underlying physical infrastructure, allowing for a more flexible and efficient allocation of resources: Resources can be allocated where it is most cost or performance effective, and may even be migrated over time and space. This paper presents the architecture of the authors' wide-area CloudNet migration demonstrator which supports two types of migrations: a latency critical virtual video streaming service migrates according to the current user locations and access patterns ("Move-with-the-sun"), e.g., to improve Quality-of-Service (QoS) parameters. Latency uncritical CloudNets - virtual networks connecting cloud resources - are re-embedded at different locations in the substrate network, e.g., to make resources available for the latency critical applications ("Move-with-the-moon").

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