Moving Beyond Perimeter Security: A Comprehensive and Achievable Guide to Less Risk

Provided by: Akamai Technologies
Topic: Security
Format: PDF
Traditional hub-and-spoke networking architectures, along with the castle-and-moat security perimeter they utilize, cannot effectively provide performance or security in today’s burgeoning cloud-and-mobile world. This is a problem all companies must begin facing, lest they be left behind in a vulnerable state. Failure to transition to safer enterprise security architectures is the number one cause of corporate breaches today, and it’s only going to get worse. Simply put, you are not safe behind the perimeter, because the perimeter itself no longer exists. No longer can attackers spend time exploiting weaknesses in your perimeter, and then exploit your sensitive data and applications because they made it inside of the moat. Now there is no moat. There are just applications and users, each of which must mutually authenticate and verify authorization before access can occur.

How does one accomplish this?

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