Multi-Band Microstrip Rectangular Fractal Antenna for Wireless Applications

Provided by: Maharishi Markandeshwar University Topic: Mobility Date Added: May 2011 Format: PDF
Modern telecommunication systems require antennas with wider bandwidth and smaller dimensions. Various antennas for wide band operation have been studied for communication and radar systems. The fractal antennas are preferred due to small size, light weight and easy installation. A rectangular fractal microstrip antenna is described in this paper. The use of fractal pattern in this paper provides a simple and efficient method for obtaining the compactness. A sierpinski carpet based fractal antenna is designed for 4.31 GHz, 4.99 GHz,6.16 GHz,8.55 GHz,9.09 GHz, and 9.99 GHz. The gain of the antenna at resonant frequencies respectively are 5.81 dBi, 5.24dBi, 8.54 dBi, 4.91dBi,4.54 dBi and 4.32 dBi for 2nd iteration.

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