Multi-Phase IRC Botnet and Botnet Behavior Detection Model

Provided by: International Journal of Computer Applications
Topic: Security
Format: PDF
Botnets are considered one of the most dangerous and serious security threats facing the networks and the Internet. Comparing with the other security threats, botnet members have the ability to be directed and controlled via C&C messages from the botmaster over common protocols such as IRC and HTTP, or even over covert and unknown applications. As for IRC botnets, general security instances like firewalls and IDSes do not provide by themselves a viable solution to prevent them completely. These devices could not differentiate well between the legitimate and malicious traffic of the IRC protocol. So, this paper is proposing an IDS-based and multi-phase IRC botnet and botnet behavior detection model based on C&C responses messages and malicious behaviors of the IRC bots inside the network environment.

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