Multihoming Mobile Computing Architecture

Mobile computing has librated users to leave their place and work while they are roaming all over the world. Multihoming is connecting the sources and destinations via various routs simultaneously. The Multihoming is used extensively in IPv4 architecture. Due to exhaustion of IPv4 and not fully implementation of IPv6 the mobile computing has been restricted to certain domain and not reached yet to every user device. But IPv6 will create a tremendous development in Mobile Computing due ample IPv6 addresses. Due to the scarcity of IPv4, IPv4 world had adopted many methods such as NAT (Network Address Translation), Subnetting and CIDR (Classless Inter Domain Routing). Due to this mobile computing was not so much flourished.

Provided by: International Journal of Scientific Research Engineering &Technology (IJSRET) Topic: Mobility Date Added: Feb 2013 Format: PDF

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