Multimodal Biometric Person Recognition System Based on Fingerprint & Finger-Knuckle-Print Using Correlation Filter Classifier

Biometrics is an effective technology for personnel identity recognition, but uni-modal biometric systems which use a single trait for recognition will suffer from problems like noisy sensor data, non-universality, lack of distinctiveness of the biometric trait, and spoof attacks. These problems can be tackled by using multi-biometrics in the system. Hand-based person recognition provides a reliable, low-cost and user-friendly viable solution for a range of access control applications. As one of the most popular biometric traits, FingerPrints (FP) are widely used in personal recognition. However, a novel hand-based biometric feature, Finger-Knuckle-Print (FKP), has attracted an increasing amount of attention.

Provided by: Northumbria University Topic: Security Date Added: May 2012 Format: PDF

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