Multipath Routing Protocol for Reliable Data Transmission Over Infrastructure-Less Mobile Network

Providing requisite QoS guarantees in wireless multi-hop networks is much more challenging than in wired networks. This is mainly due to its dynamic topology, multi-hop communication and contention for channel access. In particular, it is important for routing protocols to provide QoS guarantees by incorporating metrics like achievable throughput, delay, jitter, packet loss ratio, etc. In this paper, the authors have proposed and implemented a Node-disjoint Multipath routing protocol (NM-On Demand Distance Vector) based on on-demand distance vector routing protocol for reliable and efficient routing over Mobile Networks. Their proposed multipath protocol discovers all node-disjoint routes between a source and destination within a single route discovery phase.

Provided by: International Journal of Electronics Communication and Computer Engineering Topic: Mobility Date Added: May 2013 Format: PDF

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