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The article asserts that today more than ever, crises abound, the nation faces a challenge like none other and many companies are facing similar trials?those that breed fear into the very fabric of the people and threaten to undermine a once-strong bottom line. President Bush, in his September 20, 2001, address, not only understood this challenge, but he communicated a message that accomplished each of these objectives and more. He communicated a vision, a plan of action, and effectively motivated a strongly partisan Congress to come together for the common good. President Bush knew what many executives and managers in today?s companies need to better understand: that the medium is as important as the message. Simply put, credibility counts. Phenomena like this are generally borne out of a lack of trust. People question the ?official word? and begin digging around for the ?real story? to circulate among their peers. Further the article attitudes are contagious. In an era of self-protection and ?purposeful vagueness,? speaking in specific terms may seem threatening in and of itself.

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