New Challenges for Payments Systems in the Face of Legal and Technological Changes (French)

Connected retail’s worldwide success has shaken up both the B2C and B2B consumer markets. In France alone, e-commerce turnover is expected to reach and maybe even surpass the 100 billion euro threshold in 2019, according to La Fédération du e-commerce et de la vente à distance (FEVAD).

Rare is the modern enterprise that doesn’t aim to sell or do business online, which means adopting innovative technology and tools is essential for a company to catch the customer’s eye, offer them an enhanced experience, convert them and secure their transactions.

Electronic payment is one of the major cornerstones of this market. Beyond the settlement of a transaction, it confirms the start of the ordering process and sets in motion the delivery of a product or a service.

To meet required time-to-market obligations, this process needs to be more and more immediate and also has to be accessible via mobile devices, voice assistants and even wearable devices.

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