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New Employee Checklist and Default Access Policy


  • Provided by TechRepublic Premium
  • Published March 19, 2013
  • Topic TechRepublic Premium
  • Format PDF
The New Employee Checklist and Default Access Policy and New Employee Orientation slides will provide IT departments with the materials they need to simplify the process of accommodating new hires.

By listing the elements that must be reviewed with each new staff member, and by assigning default access permissions enabling end users to best perform business-related tasks, the organization helps ensure new employees experience a standardized and consistent orientation and receive appropriate access rights.

The purpose of the policy is as follows:
  • To enable the IT and HR departments to effectively and efficiently partner and ensure new hires receive orientation materials and IT guidance.
  • To describe and establish the primary level of systems access each end user receives, while reviewing the process end users should follow to request and receive additional access as a user's roles and responsibilities naturally change and evolve.
This policy covers every organization officer, director, manager, employee, contractor, temporary worker, authorized agent and volunteer.

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