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  • Published October 12, 2017
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Investments in technological equipment and software can return high dividends in the form of employee productivity. But planning and tracking these expenses can be a challenge for IT departments, even with do-it-yourself strategies, such as BYOD. This policy (and the associated New Equipment Form) will help the IT department coordinate equipment purchases, standardize components based on job responsibility, and prepare for maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.

From the policy:

Associated responsibilities

Hiring manager
Hiring managers should provide for departmental IT purchases within their budget for each user they deem necessary.

The manager hiring the new/relocated employee or authorizing access of the use of organizational equipment is responsible for approving these requests and notifying the IT department of the equipment/software needed, preferably at least two weeks in advance.

Hiring managers should keep in mind that employees being hired to replace former workers may not need new or updated equipment and should reuse existing computers, devices, and software as appropriate.

IT manager/department
The IT manager/department is responsible for the implementation of this policy, as well as for requisitioning, purchasing, implementing, and maintaining hardware and software.

The IT department must coordinate all company technology purchases, maintenance contracts, repair services, and upgrades. Neither the organization’s IT manager nor the IT department should support or service independently purchased equipment unless agreed upon in advance or during an emergency scenario.

The IT department should keep all New Equipment Budget forms on file to track maintenance renewals, upgrades, and support.

The accounting/finance department is responsible for providing hiring managers and the IT department with approved budget plans and purchase procedures. Failure to make appropriate arrangements with the hiring manager and accounting/finance can result in payroll deductions for any items improperly purchased using an organizational account. Alternatively, employees may submit expense reports for reimbursement of personal funds used to procure equipment, so long as these reports are approved by the accounting/finance department.

The accounting/finance department should keep all New Equipment Budget forms on file to track costs, prepare budgets, and notify departmental managers of relevant expense details. These forms should be linked with the associated individuals or positions to monitor departmental expenses and gauge role costs as needed.

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