New Report: English Proficiency and China’s Place in the Global Workforce (CN)

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Over the last few decades, the English language has emerged as the China’s adopted language for doing business. The TOEIC® report ‘English Proficiency and China’s Place in the Global Workforce’ examine key information on this trend, including data from a comprehensive survey of HR professionals in Chinese multinational organizations.

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  • In terms of English proficiency, China ranks 36th among the world’s top 80 non-English speaking countries and regions
  • 92% of international Chinese companies say English proficiency is important, yet only 79% say their workforce’s English skills are adequate
  • 83% of Chinese multinationals deliver English training programs but only 18% formally assess learners after training has taken place
  • By improving the assessment of English-language proficiency, particularly after language training has been completed, corporations ensure their employees make progress.

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