Novel Semi-blind Channel Estimation Schemes for Rayleigh Flat Fading MIMO Channels

In this paper, the authors propose two novel semi-blind channel estimation techniques based on QR decomposition for Rayleigh flat fading Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) channel using various pilot symbols. In the first technique, the flat-fading MIMO channel matrix H can be decomposed as an upper triangular matrix R and a unitary rotation matrix Q as H = RQ. The matrix R is estimated blindly from only received data by using orthogonal matrix triangularization based house holder QR decomposition, while the optimum rotation matrix Q is estimated exclusively from pilot based Orthogonal Pilot Maximum Likelihood Estimator (OPML) algorithm. In the second technique, joint semi-blind channel and data estimation is performed using QR de-composition based Least Square (LS) algorithm.

Provided by: Scientific Research Publishing Topic: Mobility Date Added: Sep 2011 Format: PDF

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