Numerical Analysis of Raised Cosine Sampled Chirped Bragg Grating for Dispersion Compensation in Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing Systems

In this paper, a numerical investigation of raised-cosine Sampled Chirped Fiber Bragg Grating (SCFG) has been presented. This multi channel filter is modeled by coupled mode theory and simulated by transfer matrix method. The optical period changes linearly at each section of the grating according to a negative period variation. To reduce ripples and side lobes, a raised-cosine apodization is applied. SCFG is proposed for the purpose of dispersion management in dense wavelength division multiplexing systems. Numerical results show that SCFG presents five channels in a bandwidth of 0.6 nm and with a dispersion of -1400 ps/nm. The wavelength spacing between two neighboring channels is 0.8 nm.

Provided by: NORTH ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY UNION Topic: Networking Date Added: Jan 2012 Format: PDF

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