On Ack/Nack Messages Detection in the LTE PUCCH with Multiple Receive Antennas

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Provided by: EURASIP
Topic: Mobility
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The authors have developed GLRT detectors for ACK/NACK message detection in the LTE Physical Uplink Control CHannel (PUCCH) with multiple receive antennas. Simulation results show that the GLRT detector offers a significant gain over the MML detector when the noise variances in two slots are different and unknown. For all the other cases, GLRT detector has nearly the same BER performance as MML detector. This shows that GLRT detector is a robust detector for the LTE PUCCH with multiple receive antennas when ACK/NACK messages are transmitted with format 1b. In future, it may be of some interest to extend the GLRT detector presented here to the case when ACK/NACK messages are transmitted with format 2a where ACK/NACK messages and channel quality indication are transmitted together.
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