On-Chip DC-DC Converter with High Ratio Conversion Voltage in 180nm CMOS Technology for Radio Frequency Identification Passive Tags

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Topic: Hardware
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In this paper, a four-stage charge pump, which can be used on RFID (Radio-Frequency IDentification) tag chip, is presented in order to provide the desired voltage for the memory supply of the tag. In each stage of the proposed charge pump, one PMOS (P-type Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) pass transistor, two switching MOSFET transistors and one capacitor are existed. The PMOS pass transistor is worked in sub-threshold region. The proposed charge pump circuit has high output voltage and conversion ratio. In the proposed charge pump, by choosing the input voltage about 1.8V, the output voltage, conversion ratio and power efficiency are achieved 8.9V, 98% and 85%, respectively.
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