On Fairness of Incentive-Compatible Multi-Radio Channel Assignment in Multiple Collision Domains

Non-cooperative channel assignment, i.e., channel assignment for selfish wireless devices, is highly challenging, especially in multiple collision domains. In this paper, the authors study the problem of non-cooperative multi-radio channel assignment in multiple collision domains and focus on the fairness issue. They first conduct an analysis of the fairness property of the system assuming no incentive-compatible scheme is deployed. They show that, without any incentive-compatible scheme for channel assignment, the stable states of the system may well be max-min unfair. In order to guarantee fairness, they propose a channel assignment scheme for multiple collision domains that is incentive compatible. They rigorously show that the proposed scheme can always achieve NEs with complete fairness. Simulation results verify that the scheme guarantees complete fairness.

Provided by: Buffalo State University Topic: Mobility Date Added: May 2011 Format: PDF

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