On Provably Secure Code-Based Signature and Signcryption Scheme

Signcryption is a cryptographic protocol that provides authentication and confidentiality as a single primitive at a cost lower than the combined cost of sign and encryption. Due to the improved efficiency, signcryption schemes have found significant applications in areas related to E-commerce. Shor's algorithm poses a threat to number-theoretic algorithms, as it can solve the number-theoretic hard problems in polynomial time using quantum computers. Therefore, code-based cryptography offers an exciting alternative to number-theoretic cryptography, as it is not only resistant to quantum algorithms, but also, the base operation (matrix-vector multiplication) is far less computationally intensive compared to the modular exponentiation required in number-theoretic schemes. Courtois, Finiasz and Sendrier proposed the only practical code-based signature (CFS signature).
Provided by: Indian Institute of Technology Madras Topic: Security Date Added: Oct 2012 Format: PDF

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