On Robustness of a Class of Cyber-Physical Network Infrastructures

The authors consider a class of networked system infrastructures that rely on both cyber and physical components for their operation. Both components may be degraded by natural, incidental, or intentional factors. In this paper, they consider a class of Cyber-Physical Network Infrastructures (CPNI) that can be modeled as graphs, wherein nodes represent cyber or physical components and edges represent communication connections between them. These models are simpler than those considered in critical infrastructures such power distribution, transportation and agriculture with strong interdependencies between components. Also, compared to the broader class of Cyber Physical Systems (CPSs) that require addressing the aspects of time and concurrency, their focus is limited networks of physical and cyber components specified by discrete variables of the components with limited interactions.

Provided by: Purdue Federal Credit Union Topic: Networking Date Added: Jan 2011 Format: PDF

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