On Spin Locks in AUTOSAR: Blocking Analysis of FIFO, Unordered, and Priority-Ordered Spin Locks

Provided by: Max-Planck-Gesellschaft
Topic: Hardware
Format: PDF
Motivated by the widespread use of spin locks in embedded multiprocessor real-time systems, the worst-case blocking in spin locks is analyzed using mixed-integer linear programming. Four queue orders and two preemption models are studied: FIFO-ordered spin locks, unordered spin locks, priority-ordered spin locks with unordered tie-breaking and priority-ordered spin locks with FIFO-ordered tie-breaking, each analyzed assuming both preemptable and non-preemptable spinning. Of the eight lock types, seven have not been analyzed in prior work. Concerning the sole exception (non-preemptable FIFO spin locks), the new analysis is asymptotically less pessimistic and typically much more accurate since no critical section is accounted for more than once.

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