On the Asymptotic Sum-Rate of Uplink MIMO Cellular Systems in the Presence of Non-Gaussian Inter-Cell Interference

Provided by: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Topic: Mobility
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In this paper the authors consider a scenario, where several mobile multi-antenna terminals communicate with a multiantenna base station within a cellular communication system over the flat Rayleigh fading channel. In addition, several terminals from the neighboring cell cause interference. For such a scenario, they derive, using the replica method, the asymptotic sum-rate of the communication in the large-system limit for arbitrary signal constellations. Moreover, they show via numerical results that when the interfering terminals use a QPSK constellation, the resulting interference becomes easier to handle. In effect, they may be able to accumulate more interfering transmitter-receiver pairs within the same area as compared to the case of Gaussian signals.

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