On the Error-Prone Substructures for the Binary-Input Ternary-Output Channel and Its Corresponding Exhaustive Search Algorithm

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The error floor performance of a Low-Density ParityCheck (LDPC) code is highly related to the presence of ErrorProne Substructures (EPSs). In general, existing characterizations of the EPSs are inspired by the LDPC decoding behavior under simple binary erasure channel (BEC) and Binary Symmetric Channel (BSC) models. In this paper, the authors first introduce a new class of EPSs: the 1-shot EPSs and static EPSs for the Binary-Input Ternary-Output Channel (BITOC). By focusing on BITOCs, which are a step closer to Additive White GaussiaN Channels (AWGNC), the proposed EPS would better characterize the decoding behavior of the AWGNC than the existing BECor BSC-based definitions.

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