On the Performance of Dual-Hop Space Shift Keying With Single Amplify-and-Forward Relay

Provided by: Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers
Topic: Networking
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In this paper, single Amplify and Forward (AF) relay is placed between the source and the destination in Space Shift Keying (SSK) Multiple-Input Single Output (MISO) system. In SSK, transmit-antenna indices form a spatial constellation diagram where each group of base two logarithm of the input data bits are mapped to one spatial constellation point. Hence, at each time instant, only single transmit antenna is active, which transmits certain energy that contains no data symbol, and all other antennas are off. The receiver, with single receive antenna, decodes the received signal from the single antenna AF relay and estimates the index of the active transmit-antenna to retrieve the transmitted information bits.

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