On the Resource Abstraction, Partitioning and Composition for Virtual GMPLS-Controlled Multi-Layer Optical Networks

Provided by: Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC)
Topic: Networking
Format: PDF
In the last years, virtualization of optical networks is receiving a lot of attention by network infrastructure providers in order to support dynamic provisioning of dedicated networks over the same network infrastructure. Optical network virtualization technologies allow the partitioning/aggregation of the network infrastructure (i.e., physical optical nodes and links) into independent virtual resources, where each virtual resource has the same functionality as the physical resource. The composition of these virtual resources allows deploying multiple Virtual Optical Networks (VONs). The deployment of dynamic infrastructure services to build ad-hoc VON services is known as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and allows supporting the heterogeneous and stringent network infrastructure requirements of the emerging bandwidth-hungry and dynamic applications such as high-definition video streaming (e.g., telepresence, television, remote surgery, etc.), and cloud computing (e.g., real-time data backup, remote desktop, etc.).

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