Online Enemy #1: Blackhole Exploit Kit

Provided by: GFI Software
Topic: Security
Format: PDF
There’s a new cyber bully out there that not only has frightened users, but continues to frustrate IT departments with its knack for exploiting the latest software vulnerabilities and infect otherwise well-defended systems and networks. Named the Blackhole Exploit kit, it stands out as a particularly effective example of an increasingly sophisticated exploit kit first unleashed in 2010.

Blackhole attacks endpoints such as PCs, laptops and workstations by taking advantage of vulnerabilities in popular software programs developed by industry leaders, including Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Oracle and Mozilla.

This GFI Software white paper examines:
  • The complex, persistent challenge Blackhole has presented to IT security professionals
  • How antivirus alone is no longer enough and adequate malware defenses now require integrated patch management solutions
  • The importance of implementing automated, centralized software patching, used in conjunction with traditional antivirus solutions as part of a comprehensive security strategy.
  • How a layered security approach to network security enables IT departments to more proactively address the top threat their users now face online.

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