Optimal Design RRC Pulse Shape Polyphase FIR Decimation Filter for Multi-Standard Wireless Transceivers

Provided by: International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Engineering & Technology
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
Pulse Shaping Filters or Root Raised Cosine (RRC) low pass filters emerges as one of the hottest topic in field of wireless communication technology. Low pass filters are used for decimation and for interpolation. When decimating, low pass filters are used to reduce the bandwidth of a signal prior to reducing the sampling rate. This is done to minimize aliasing due to the reduction in the sampling rate. When interpolating, low pass filters are used to remove spectral images from the low-rate signal. In this paper, Area Efficient and Cost Effective Techniques for design of Pulse Shaping Filters have been presented to improve the computational and implementation complexity. Pulse Shaping Filters have been designed and implemented by using Square Raise Cosine Filter and Optimized Multistage polyphase FIR interpolation filter, and polyphase FIR decimation filter.

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