Optimal Reliability-Constrained Overdrive Frequency Selection In Multicore Systems

Provided by: University of Calgary
Topic: Hardware
Format: PDF
In leading-edge process technologies, reliability is a first-class constraint for both IC design and system operation. For multicore systems, reliability affects task scheduling decisions since it constrains both performance and throughput. Previous works on reliability-constrained task scheduling have two basic limitations: either they cannot guarantee lifetime (e.g., that the chip can deliver useful performance over 10 years), or they cannot guarantee lower bounds on \"Acceptable performance\" or \"Acceptable throughput\" for the entire chip lifetime. In this paper, the authors formulate and solve a new Maximum-Value, Reliability-Constrained Overdrive Frequencies (MVRCOF) problem that guarantees prescribed lower bounds on \"Acceptable performance\" and \"Acceptable throughput\" in multicore systems, without exceeding prescribed lifetime budget for any core.

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