Optimization of a 3D UHF Cubic Antenna with Quasi-Isotropic Radiation Pattern for RFID, WSN and RSN Applications

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Provided by: WSEAS
Topic: Mobility
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In this paper, the conceptions of miniaturization of a 3D cubic antenna are presented and discussed. The miniature 3D cubic antenna is designed to operate in the UHF band (902-928MHz) (centered at 915MHz), produce a quasi-isotropic radiation pattern and have a miniaturized size which gives the authors a low cost, light weight and a compact size device for RFID, WSN and RSN applications. The size of this antenna was reduced from 30x30x30mm3 to 13.48x13.48x13.48mm3 that implies a reduction in volume of 90.9279% and a reduction in electrical size of 54.35%.
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