Optimize Customer Experience Metrics With 12 AI-Enabled Use Cases

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Topic: Big Data
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AI transforms Customer Experience (CX)

Injecting artificial intelligence (AI) into your business processes can transform customer experience (CX) by helping you predict customer behaviors with richer context and deeper insight. When optimizing CX with AI, you will likely ask:
  • "How can I use AI to design and improve CX?"
  • "What AI approaches do I need to know to operationalize a CX program?"
  • "How do I balance human insight and machine-generated prediction to optimize CX?"
  • "How can I finetune and measure the impact of CX on revenue, cost, productivity, NPS® and other key performance indicators (KPI)?"
Research from Forrester shows 12 AI-enabled use cases to help you answer these questions and prioritize CX investments for increased business impact.
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