Optimizing Update Interval of Gateways in VoIP Call Using TGREP

Telephony Gateway REgistration Protocol [TGREP] is a route registration protocol for telephone destinations on a gateway. TGREP allows PSTN gateways or soft switches to inform a signaling server called as Location Server (LS), of routes it has to the PSTN. These advertisements include fairly dynamic information, such as the Available Capacity, etc which are essential for selecting right gateway. In the past few years the VOIP (Voice Over IP) has started popularity. To gain benefits from it more service providers have started providing VOIP service. Hence more infrastructures have to be added to the existing system (like increasing gateways) to support more VOIP calls. This expansion increases the overhead of system maintenance. Here the system contains LS and Gateways who are using TGREP for information exchange.

Provided by: IJCSMR Topic: Networking Date Added: Jan 2013 Format: PDF

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