OptiPlex – The Desktop Reimagined

For 25 years, OptiPlex has continuously adapted to the new ways you work. The next generation of innovative form factors and versatile accessories unleash your workforce potential like never before.

All new all-in-ones feature elegant lines, vivid displays and versatile stand options for a premium experience. Ultra-compact and powerful form factors in multiple sizes, configurations and
performance options work how you work. Custom-built mounting solutions fully unhinder your work, now with the most robust micro mount offerings ever.

OptiPlex has 25 years experience serving our commercial customer needs and is designed with the understanding reliability guides every desktop purchase decision. As a pioneer in
reliability testing, from the component to every phase of the life cycle, and even our accessories, our commitment to quality is clear. OptiPlex ranks #1 for quality among IT decision makers..

    Dell EMC solutions powered by Intel®

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