Oracle Talent Cloud: A Strategic Approach to Talent Management

Strategic talent management requires looking at the big picture. You can have a great recruiting strategy but later lose your top recruits due to a lack of employee development. You can have the right leaders for organizational success today but be thrown for a loop when one of them leaves at a crucial time, with no replacement in sight.

Oracle Talent Cloud covers all of the key milestones in the employee lifecycle: sourcing and recruiting, performance and goal management, compensation, succession and talent review, and learning and development.

Learn how you can:
* Attract, retain and motivate top talent with flexible, workflow-driven talent management
* Align individual goals with corporate goals and provide clear visibility into how each employee contributes to the success of the organization
* Drive a strategic, end-to-end talent management strategy with a single, integrated system for all talent-related activities
* Leverage social media to broaden your recruiting reach, generate high-quality employee referrals and increase employee engagement

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