Organic Matter Adsorption on Montmorillonite Pillared b an Organophile Complex for Tangential Microfiltration Through a Zro2-Tio2 Inorganic Membrane

Adsorption of organic matter (humic and fulvic acids) at 10 mg/l onto a montmorillonite combined pillared by ABPC and a cationic surface-active CTAB turns out to be comparable and even better than adsorption onto an active carbon under the same conditions. The efficiency reaches levels of 95%. On the other hand, the transformation of the hydrophile character to a hydrophobe organophile character by modification of the montmorillonite matrix increased retained quantities of HA and FA in mg per g of adsorbat of 1.7 fold. This can be acceptable if it is considered that limiting process comes from colloidal suspension microfiltration.

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