Overcoming Destructive Management Communication Behavior

Provided by: The Lukaszewski Group
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When an analysis is done, those things that cause management programs to implode, explode, derail, self-destruct, slide into the ditch, or fall significantly short of expectations, an identifiable negative communication behaviors and activities are found that precede or predict disaster and cause negative collateral damage. Many of these negative behaviors are identified below. If any of the destructive behaviors, attitudes, and approaches on this list are a routine part of the management?s communication behaviors, many past failures can be better identified and future failures forecast. One useful way to bring unhelpful behaviors and attitudes to management?s attention is to label the behaviors, describe them, and then distribute these descriptions widely so that others can recognize, point out, and discourage these negative behaviors as they occur. But there are some important caveats to overcoming management?s destructive communication behaviors. Keep the five precautions discussed in the article in mind for overcoming destructive management communication behavior.

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