Overview of Reconfigurable Computing Platforms and Their Applications in Electromagnetics Applications

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Topic: Hardware
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This paper investigates the utilization of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) in the acceleration of numerically intensive electromagnetics applications. The authors investigate the speed improvement by employing FPGAs for two different applications: the optimization of a phased array antenna pattern by amplitude control using the ant colony optimization algorithm, implementation of the Rigorous Coupled Wave (RCW) analysis technique for the design of engineered materials. The first application utilizes FPGAs as the only processor; i.e., all functionalities of the algorithm reside on the FPGA. The second one employs a hybrid hardware/software approach where the FPGA serves as a coprocessor to the CPU. The hybrid approach identifies the most numerically intensive part of the RCW algorithm and implements it on the FPGA.

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