Pandora's Box: The Post-Hire Follow-up Call - I

The message of the tale of Pandora and her fateful curiosity is to be sure one really want to know what a person seek to learn before he act. Or more to the point, one has to be sure to know in advance what one plan to do with the knowledge before he commit to getting it. Because as Pandora found out too late, ?once you open the box, you are no longer in total control.? This article states that one should know before one go for committing the things and follow up should be made after the process comes into execution. It explains about a method of following up the hiring process known as post-hire follow-up calls. In terms of the new employee, post-hire follow-up calls are important: To make sure one is not surprised by a sudden change of heart or desertion, to cement the relationship as a resource for information and candidates from the company the new employee has left. Read the article to get the details of the process and know how effectively it works.

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