Partially Reconfigurable Point-to-Point Interconnects in Virtex-II Pro FPGAs

Provided by: Springer Healthcare Topic: Hardware Date Added: Jan 2007 Format: PDF
In modern on-chip multi-core systems, the communication latency of the network interconnects is increasingly becoming a significant factor hampering performance. Consequently, Network-on-Chips (NoCs) as a design paradigm has been introduced to deal with such latencies and related issues. At the same time, NoCs provide improved scalability and an increased modularity. However, these multi-core systems still incorporate rigid interconnection networks, i.e., mostly utilizing a 2D-mesh as the underlying physical network topology combined with packet routers. More specifically, the interconnection network will be fixed in the design stage leading to the modification of algorithms to suit the underlying topology or the embedding of the logical network (intended by the algorithm) onto the physical interconnection network.

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