Performance Analysis of Collision Avoidance MAC Protocol in Multi-Hop Wireless Ad-Hoc Network

Performance analysis of 802.11Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol has been carried out either by means of simulation or by means of analytical models with simplified back-off rule assumptions. Binary Exponential Back-off (BEB) is the widely used back-off mechanism in many contention-based IEEE 802.11 MAC protocols for its simplicity and good performance, but it has drawbacks especially in multi-hop ad hoc network and some new back-off schemes such as Multiplicative Increase and Linear Decrease (MILD) and Double Increment Double Decrement (DIDD) were proposed. This paper, investigate the performance of collision avoidance MAC protocol in multi-hop wireless ad-hoc network by adopting MILD back-off mechanism.

Provided by: INTI University College Topic: Mobility Date Added: Sep 2011 Format: PDF

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