Performance Analysis of Various Symbol Detection Techniques in Wireless MIMO System With MQAM Modulation Over Rayleigh Fading Channel

Wireless communication is one of the most effective areas of technology development of time. Wireless communications today covers a very wide array of applications. In this paper, the authors study the performance of general MIMO system, the performance of Zero Forcing (ZF), Linear Least Square Estimator (LLSE), V-BLAST/ZF, V-BLAST/LLSE of 4×4, 4×6 & 4×8 with 4-QAM & 16-QAM modulation in i i d Rayleigh fading channel. They see that SER performance of 4×8 antennas and 4-QAM modulation scheme outperforms others. Result shows that for higher modulation schemes SER performance degrades as well as SER performance increases for higher no of receiver antennas.

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