Performance Comparison of Different Forward Error Correction Coding Techniques for Wireless Communication Systems

Provided by: International Journal on Computer Science and Technology (IJCST)
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
High bit error rates of the wireless communication system require employing Forward Error Correction (FEC) methods on the data transferred. In this paper, the authors investigate the performance of convolutional, block as well as concatenated coding schemes that are used to encode the data stream in wireless communications. In this paper, they performed various simulations to find out the best BER performance of each of the Convolutional and Reed-Solomon codes and used these best outcomes to model the RS-CC and CC-RS concatenated codes. By concatenating two different codes they can get the effect of improving the total BER due to benefits of RS codes correcting burst errors while convolutional codes are good for correcting random errors that are caused due to a noisy channel.

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