Performance Enhancement of Repacking and Borrowing Mechanisms for IEEE 802.16j Multihop Resource Scheduling

Provided by: Reed Elsevier Topic: Mobility Date Added: Aug 2011 Format: PDF
The IEEE 802.16j standard has been proposed to triumph over the shadow fading and path attenuation problems in IEEE 802.16e networks by employing the Multi-hop Relay (MR) technology. Taking path selection and spatial reuse into account, numerous dynamic/heuristic scheduling algorithms have been presented for MR networks. Unfortunately, although these scheduling schemes can achieve high efficiency of resource utilization, almost all of their low time complexities considerably rely on expensive operations and sophisticated data structures. To maintain the simplicity and low time complexity of fixed-assignment scheduling while guaranteeing high resource utilization, this paper proposes a repacking and borrowing-based resource scheduling algorithm, RBRS, for IEEE 802.16j MR networks.

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