Performance Evaluation of a Multi Antenna MC-CDMA System on Color Image Transmission Under Implementation of Various Signal Detection Techniques

Provided by: Science and Development Network (SciDev.Net)
Topic: Mobility
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In this paper, the authors made a comprehensive study to evaluate the performance of a multi antenna supported Multi Carrier Code Division Multiple Access (MC-CDMA) system on color image transmission. The 2-by-2 spatially multiplexed ?-rated Convolutinally encoded MC-CDMA system under investigation implements three linear signal detection techniques (Equalizers) such as Minimum Mean Square Error (MMSE), Zero Forcing (ZF) and Sphere Decoding (SD) under BPSK, DPSK, QPSK and QAM digital modulations. The simulation results elucidate that a significant improvement of system performance is achieved in BPSK modulation with MMSE based signal detection scheme under AWGN and Rayleigh fading channels. The results are also indicative of noticeable reduction of BER performance with increase in order of digital modulation and noise power as compared to signal power.

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