Performance Evaluation of Space Time Block Coded Spatial Modulation, Vertical-BLAST and Diagonal-BLAST Space Time Block Code

Provided by: International Research Association of Computer Science and Technology (IRACST)
Topic: Collaboration
Format: PDF
Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO), Space-Time Coding (STC) improves the BER by adding diversity in the presence of a channel fading. The V-BLAST and D-BLAST techniques are designed to improve the data rate. The performance of these techniques is highly dependent on the MIMO channel environment. Space-Time Block Coded Spatial Modulation (STBC-SM) combines Spatial Modulation (SM) and Space-Time Block Coding (STBC) to take advantage of the benefits of both. In the STBC-SM scheme, the transmitted information symbols are expanded not only to the space and time domains but also to the spatial (antenna) domain which corresponds to the on/off status of the transmit antennas available at the space domain, and therefore high spectral efficiency along with diversity advantage of STBC.

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