Performance Improvement of DYMO Routing Protocol Using Gateway Authentication Technique

Provided by: International Journal of Computer Applications
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
A hybrid Mobile Ad Hoc NETwork (MANET) is provided by GateWays (GWs), which connect the MANET to the Internet. Hybrid MANETs are vulnerable to more security threats while routing through the gateways. To guarantee secure hence efficient data routing and transmission, in this paper, the authors propose to design a data aware secure gateway selection technique for hybrid MANET. In their technique, gateway is classified into two categories as public gateway and protected gateway. Protected gateway can route both public and protected data. Conversely, public gateway can only route public data. Among multiple gateways, a gateway is elected using multi criteria gateway selection strategy. Protected gateway and mobile nodes are authenticated using Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP).

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