Phase-Induced Intensity Noise Reduction with Improved Group Velocity Dispersion Tolerance in SAC-OCDMA Systems

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Topic: Mobility
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The demand for efficient optical communication systems has fuelled considerable research in developing techniques for eradicating Phase-induced Intensity Noise (PIIN) in Spectral-Amplitude Coding Optical Code-Division Multiple-Access (SAC-OCDMA). This paper investigates the use of modified-AND subtraction detection technique to mitigate PIIN in SAC-OCDMA systems. The simulation results show that the modified-AND subtraction detection demonstrates better performance over the conventional AND detection approach. Furthermore, the authors have found that, from a transmission length of 40 km onwards, Group Velocity Dispersion (GVD) degrades SAC-OCDMA system performance apparently. Dispersion compensating fiber (DCF) is used to lessen the influence of GVD caused by Single Mode Fiber (SMF).

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