Phoenix: A Weight-Based Network Coordinate System Using Matrix Factorization

Network Coordinate (NC) systems provide a lightweight and scalable way for predicting the distances, i.e., round-trip latencies among Internet hosts. Most existing NC systems embed hosts into a low dimensional Euclidean space. Unfortunately, the persistent occurrence of Triangle Inequality Violation (TIV) on the Internet largely limits the distance prediction accuracy of those NC systems. Some alternative systems aim at handling the persistent TIV, however, they only achieve comparable prediction accuracy with Euclidean distance based NC systems. In this paper, the authors propose an NC system, so-called Phoenix, which is based on the matrix factorization model. Phoenix introduces a weight to each reference NC and trusts the NCs with higher weight values more than the others.

Provided by: Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers Topic: Mobility Date Added: Dec 2011 Format: PDF

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