Planning the Key to Success (Dutch)

For online retailers there has never been a better time to engage consumers to reach peak sales days, especially for customers who are cross-border shopping. If the customer experience is good, consumers are more satisfied than ever to try out unknown brands, even across borders.

Online retailers who be prepared to offer unique products and services, smooth checkout processes develop their e-commerce activity to new rules and local payment preferences to be satisfied, are therefore in an excellent position to compete deal with the larger retail giants.

If small and medium-sized businesses want to stay grow their market share, it is essential that they Optimize personalization, localization and security.

To achieve all this, smaller retailers can use support to it get the most out of peak sales. Ingenico has therefore developed this calendar, to support SMEs so that they can prepare and sustain during the busiest shopping days. So read on find out how you can beat the larger retailers in their own peak sales game.

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