PowerChecklist: Migrating Windows NT to Windows Server 2003


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  • Published January 8, 2007
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If your organization continues to run an NT-based domain, it's time to start considering a replacement for this venerable operating system. Taking NT's place were Windows 2000 Server and, more recently, Windows Server 2003. Organizations considering jumping off the NT ship at this point will jump right to Windows Server 2003 and bypass the Windows 2000 Server step altogether.
By making the leap from NT to Server 2003, organizations can take advantage of true leaps in technology and services. No longer do you have to rely on the... interesting... Exchange 5.5. With Windows Server 2003 64-bit edition, you can explore Exchange 2007. When compared to Exchange 5.5, Exchange 2007 is simply spectacular both from an administrator- and a user-based perspective. Exchange is not the only service that can benefit from an upgrade, though. There are hundreds of reasons to upgrade. However, the reasons for an upgrade are not the sole focus of this PowerCheckList. Instead, the information presented here is designed to help you in your upgrade planning.

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