Practical Turbo Receiver Design for Throughput-Efficient Relay ARQ Transmissions Over Broadband Cooperative MIMO Channels

Provided by: Carleton University Topic: Mobility Date Added: Aug 2011 Format: PDF
In this paper, the authors investigate practical turbo receiver design for throughput-efficient relay ARQ transmissions over broadband cooperative MIMO channels. The setup is comprised of three multi-antenna nodes: a source, a destination, and a relay node operating under the amplify-and-forward half-duplex relaying mode. To attain higher system average throughput, they adopt a two-slot transmission strategy where the ARQ mechanism is activated on top of the amplify-and-forward protocol. They derive a soft sub-packet combiner allowing the destination node to jointly perform sub-packet combining (over both time slots and multiple ARQ rounds) and frequency domain MMSE filtering. Its computational load is then smoothly relaxed via a recursive implementation alleviating the memory requirements when the number of ARQ rounds increases.

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